About Michelle

Michelle is a freelance photographer and artist based in London who
flutters all over the globe photographing beautiful people, places and moments.

She has been capturing the beauty and essence of things from a very
young age…be it in a painting, illustration or photograph.

Being a naturally creative soul with an eye for detail when she
discovered photography as a medium to tell a story it was love at
first sight.

Graduating from the University of the Creative Arts with a BA Hons Degree in
Fine Art and Photography, she has been attached to her camera ever since…

Email: michellelindsell@me.com
Phone: 07949 443 324
Facebook: www.facebook.com/michellelindsellphotography
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MishLindsell
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mishlindsell
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/MishLindsell 



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