Sapna & Ajit’s Hindu Sangeet ~ Udaipur City Palace, Rajathan, India Wedding Photography ~ Destination Wedding Photographer

As the largest royal residence in Rajasthan The Udaipur City Palace was an incredible venue for the Sangeet, the grand finale of celebrations & festivities in preparation for Sapna & Ajit’s wedding ceremony tomorrow. Built in 1559 by the Maharaja Udai Singh it is steeped in history & legend; Apparently the reason for it’s chosen location on a hill overlooking the Pichola Lake was due to a chance meeting with a local hermit whilst Maharaja Udai Singh was out on a hunting trip. The hermit advised him to build his residence on the very spot where the Maharaja had found him meditating & so that is where the palace complex came to be established in Udaipur. For over 300 years it remained the residence of his royal descendants, & more recently is also famous for featuring in the 1985 James Bond film Octopussy. This night the courtyards were filled with laughter, dancing & music. There was such a great party atmosphere. There were even surprise performances not only from the bride to her husband in waiting, but also from both families to all the guests! What a fantastically fun night. The wedding awaits…


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