Sapna & Ajit’s Hindu Pithi & Grashanti Ceremonies ~ Udaipur, Rajasthan, India Wedding Photography ~ Destination Wedding Photographer

Sapna & Ajit’s Pithi & Grashanti ceremonies were conducted as per tradition the day before the wedding so the maximum number of guests could attend and take part! The bride-to-be was adorned with intricate jewellery made from fresh flower buds & the day began with the Pithi ceremony which involves the couple being covered in a golden coloured paste made from chickpeas, turmeric and rose water. The paste is applied by their loved ones to their arms, face, legs…wherever a bare bit of skin can be found as an act of well-wishing before the wedding day – it was a lot of fun!!  The Grashanthi ceremony followed shortly after, kicking off the social and religious festivities leading up to the wedding. The Sangeet was held later that evening, which I will share in my next blog entry…Namaste!






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